Krupesh Raut

Krupesh Raut

I am native from Mumbai , India one of the oldest civilizations in the world with a kaleidoscopic and rich cultural heritage.

Passionate for interacting with people through painting’s and highlighting emotions and sensitivity of living being’s and nature’s admirable beauty.

Education – G.D. Art (PTG) and Diploma in Art Teaching.

Enthusiastic of visualizing things in a subtle manner since childhood and even accumulating and putting things together in an imaginative way. Due to which have received many prizes for designing set for Indian dramas. Nominated for Zee Gaurav for Marathi play set. Also designing in short documentary movies.

Interior Designor ; ardently interested in designing and well-conversant with colour combinations and mixing. Innovatingly designing homes, offices, clubs and many more, with combination of painting , murals on walls to give aesthetic looks and meaning to requisite place. i.e office , house , bungalow , exhibitions , garden , creative layout planning, space planning, furniture and many more