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Rachel Joy Studios


Founder of Rachel Joy Studios (www.racheljoystudios.com)
Creativity g is a type of therapy, meditation and healing for me. I start with an inspiration that tugs at me and builds in intensity as I visualize it in my mind (often times for days or weeks)..., planning size and angles, type of paint or art, and the colors, etc... until I'm happily resolved. Then onto the canvas or whatever creative medium I’m expressing. I love to get into a state of gratitude, thankfulness and love before I even touch a paint brush. Desiring a flow of higher feelings and energy into my painting, blessing it and giving it vivid expression, color, light, love, gratitude and many other higher vibrational blessings. I want the love I put into my paintings to wind up on the walls of homes, opening a world of higher meaning, depth and loving vibrations.

I LOVE to inspire the world "I touch" through creativity. I want to help the younger generation advance and move into a higher form of existence and consciousness. Help others tap into their creative side, and believe in themselves. I want to help others live a FULL and meaningful life and increase their awareness that we are ALL creators and we can create our own life, clarity that we are in control to some extent on creating our life, and inspire them to use the tools that are given to us, and live their best life yet!


Abstract Art and Pours