RJMN Illustrations

RJMN Illustrations


Where do I begin? As a child art has always been my passion, from doing paint by numbers or finishing a whole coloring book. It's been a form of tranquillity an escape from reality. In my art I can create creatures, cartoons, landscapes even realistic drawings. I've thrown myself in all types of mediums, pencil being my favorite. Till this day I enjoy sitting down and sketching anything that pops into my head. Art is very therapeutic for me as well. It relaxes the soul and free's your mind. I am totally grateful to have been given this gift of art! I do believe everyone has this gift some hide it while others immerse themselves in it.

To all those who love creating art, continue, to those who have never tried it or have forgotten it, I say revive it! Art is in you, be it by painting or drawing, it exist in music, dance, photography, sports, science. Art is all around us explore and find whatever brings out the creative individual within you.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to make art my career. I freelance and I work for a company that allows me to maintain that skill. Out of all the styles I have my favorite has always been creating children's art.

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