The River's Daughter Digital Art

The River's Daughter Digital Art

THE RIVER'S DAUGHTER photography and digital art

I am a daughter of water in love with the beauty of the high desert. For many years I have lived in New Mexico; lured here to the west by the vast vistas, ever changing skies, and dreams from my childhood of riding full tilt on horseback across the plains.

I did not expect to stay.

I shared this love of the west with my Dad. We watched every western film and knew I that someday would have to leave the east coast to explore the southwest. This land with its clear, golden light, dramatic storms, pink evenings, graceful adobe buildings made from the very earth they stand on, and the cultural diversity provide endless inspiration for my art.

Lately, the siren song of the ocean is strong and I know I will make my way to the shore once again. But, for now, I remain in love with the land that offers ancient mountains, narrow rivers and small lakes to comfort my thirsty soul.

After The Fire