Ritopriyo Saha

Ritopriyo Saha


Ritopriyo Saha is a self-taught contemporary artist based out of Kolkata, India. He works from his own studio where he spends most of his time painting in varied media on canvas, building sculptures in clay and concrete, and occasionally writing poetry. He loves to learn from nature and visualize the same in a new way with his knack for keen observation. Most of his works are thus imaginary reflecting the pure intensity of his calm and in like manner his wild emotional side brought by life’s fleeting moments of love and adventure.

Ritopriyo has exhibited his works in Barcelona during a yearlong contemporary art residency workshop. Earlier he has also worked as the leading tattoo artist for trippINK Tattoos in Bengaluru for several years.

For more upcoming work please visit: http://www.ritopriyosaha.com/

BINDURA (Abstract)

HIJI BIJI (Drawings in ink)