Works by Carolyn Rie

Works by Carolyn Rie

My name is Carolyn Rie and I am a fine artist working in painting, digital painting and photography.

QUICKIE BIO: I studied art at the Cleveland Institute of Art, did a fellowship at an art school in Florence, Italy and then moved to New York city to complete an MFA at Pratt Institute. I've shown my artwork in galleries in New York (Soho), Cleveland, Florence & Fiesole, Italy, and in several Connecticut galleries. I now work out of a studio perched on a hill in the woods not far from New York.

Art is a very personal thing. I hope, for at least some of you, the work will be as exciting and stimulating as it is to me.

A note on copyright: All my works are © Carolyn Rie 2021. This means if you purchase my work, you own only the physical piece. The artist owns and retains all rights to the image. So you may not reproduce the image or use it for any commercial purpose.

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