Ric Ramirez Photography

Ric Ramirez Photography


At his core, Ric is an artist. Starting out as a painter first, Ric fell in love with the creative process. Being able to show others his thoughts and feelings thru his paintings. In his early 20's he began to exhibit his work in local galleries, and very quickly Ric made a name for himself. Being featured in several local newspapers like The Fresno Bee and Hanford Sentinel, also on local television shows like KMPH's Great Day and ABC's Latino Life with Graciela Moreno. Along the way Ric met up with other artists to participate and help organize art festivals in and around Central California. He used his art as a way to speak to his audience, given all the exposure that was given to him he did not let it go to waste. He used it to bring attention to social issues, promoting art shows and events that helped raised awareness to the social issues in his community.

In 2010 he began an internship with the DCAC Gallery in Fresno, Ca. That's where he discovered photography, working with photographers and curating photography exhibits allowed him to discover that photography was more than just about taking pictures, it was about capturing moments. Photographer's have the ability to freeze time, to show others what they saw in that moment. Ric fell in love with photography since then, he realize that through photography he can literally show others exactly what he saw. He made it his mission to capture those little moments that make up this thing we call life. Ric soon became a resident artist at the DCAC Gallery, but left not to long after. He felt he needed to move on and grow in a different direction.

In 2012 Ric co-founded Central Valley People, a project that was aimed at connecting people from the San Joaquin Valley. The project was started to give a voice to those who are usually not heard. Through social media people could upload their stories, their photos, their lives directing to the site for others to see and read. The mission was to capture the central valley for what it is and for who they really are. Ric spends his time on community projects, brainstorming innovative ways to use his camera to make an impact. In 2013 he began People of the Valley. A project which took him all over Central California, photographing people in the small towns that make up the valley. When he started the project he never really knew what to expect, but along the way he discovered more about himself than he expected too. Our surroundings mold us in one way or another, to help us become who we are meant to be. Ric now sees how photography became a natural extension of his passion for the arts. Ric switched over to photography full time and in a short amount of time earned the respect of other photographers though his work online.

In 2015 Ric made some changes in his life and decided to head east, he got in his car and went on a cross country road trip with his beautiful wife Anna and their young daughter Naty. He fell in love with this country, maybe not so much the politics, but the landscape. Ric fell in love with Atlanta, "I'm a West Coast Boy, but the East Coast is treating me nice". Ric is a storm of ideas, always on. He doesn’t sleep enough. His mind won’t let him. Whether it’s the next shoot, the next move, the next project, or the next step in the journey he calls his life, Ric just doesn’t stop. And that’s why his career keeps moving forward.

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