RichWrz Designs

RichWrz Designs

Richard Wrzesinski | Artist

The art of watercolor and alcohol ink


In December 2015, the job interviewer asked me to send some of my hand sketches. After that, I decided to draw some new sketches just for fun, so I dug into the closet to get out my old high school art kit. In amongst my sketching tools were an old watercolor paint tray, a couple of brushes and a few tubes of paint. I thought, "I might as well do some painting." As I was working with the watercolors, I began to feel as though I was reaching my true self. It felt so right that I wanted to keep going and explore my talent. So, I decided to buy some new paint and brushes as well as some better equipment and see where it led me. As I continued to paint more, the smell of wet paper, the brushes and the colorful paints all got to me. I was hooked!

Now I want to turn my passion into a business.

Happy Shopping!

Watercolor paintings