Richere Arts

Richere Arts

I started painting at the age of four. I was placed in art classes from this age until I started high school. These classes really cultivated my love for painting and I knew that this was what I wanted to do as a career. Soon after, I attended California State University, Northridge and earned a B.A. in Studio Art.

I'm a huge Disney fan, hence the artwork. Going to Disneyland for the first time as a kid, inspired me to do what I love. Watching a newly released Disney movie in the movie theaters, motivates me to create more content. I love painting different characters from various movies and scenes because I love making it into my own and showcasing my skills. Nearly everyone is a fan of this world, and for this reason, I love to share my art with everyone that has an emotional attachment to Disney.
If you would like to reach me for any questions or just to say hello, please feel free to email me at or find me on instagram @richere_art



Harry Potter