Paint and Sketch by Casey Rhodes

Paint and Sketch by Casey Rhodes

My name is Casey Rhodes. I am an artist living in Delano, California. My art has been something that has been with me through every aspect of my life. For more than 35 years, I have learned and attempted my expression with all types of mediums. Over the course of my travels I have seen countless forms of expression and have found myself inspired by many, many styles and mediums.
My work is sometimes all over the place and there are large changes in style and subject matter even over small periods of time. I guess I am an art flake.
My education as an artist has not been done in the traditional sense. Other than public school and a few classes in college, I have developed my techniques, for better of worse, on my own.
I am a US Air Force veteran and traveled a little while I was in but not that much. Most of my traveling was actually before and after the military. I believe getting away from home, even if only short distances, is one of the most inspiring things one can do.
In 2013, I attempted one piece of art a day and was successful for about 6 months. The pieces were small and it was all pretty much pop art (movies and TV), but it was fun and forced me to do something every day.

Much of my current work is on Etsy at..


Star Wars