Rhellie Guerra

Rhellie Guerra



Rhellie Guerra is an artist currently working out of Virginia. After pursuing a career in art education, she is concentrating on studio work full time while pursuing an MFA.

All of my portraits are self portraits, even if the figures look nothing like me. My work is mainly done in embroidery with cross-disciplinary elements in painting and drawing. The intention of these pieces is to spark conversation about hidden realities. Confronting the experiences and emotions we keep hidden out of fear. Health issues, traumatic experiences, and feminine truths are kept behind closed doors because the realities aren’t always pleasant or pretty. The juxtaposition of utilizing embroidery, something stereotyped as only pretty, acts as a mirror of our society. Representing undesirable realities with a traditionally decorative technique shines a light on the unspoken methods for dealing with anything less than ideal. Appearance often means more than truth in our society. My imagery deals with my own personal experiences, a sometimes surreal journey of feigned perfection.