Robert Brown Photography

My road in photography has been a long and winding one. I got my first camera in 1963, a Polaroid land camera. I took it to the drag strip and started taking photos of cars. Soon after I acquired a Argus C3 . I enjoyed photographing the races and was starting to make a little profit when I got a Letter that said “Greetings”. So I joined the Air Force planning to get into Air born photography. They had different plans and I was a radar tect.
As the years went on I got married, had kids and working to support a family so I became an engineer, but photography was never far out of my mind. I did work for the company I worked for by doing photography for the company newsletter, special functions and some product photography part time.
Now I am retired and and photography is a full time hobby. I spent just about every waking hour with my camera. I enjoy nature photography and photographing my wife. After 40 years and a million photos she is getting tired of being in front of the camera.



sunrise, sunset




Ships and Boats