Exquisite Renderings

Exquisite Renderings


My work can best be described as Neo-Realism, the intimate study of Nature, deliberate objective transposition, good craftsmanship, and a love of the medium. A collaboration of the artist and nature, resulting in a strong, individual, and interesting interpretation of Life.

My current mediums include pencil, wash, acrylic and oil.

Prior memberships:
Juried artist with
the Hamilton County Artists' Association (HCAA) and a
member of Nickel Plate Arts.

Currently focusing on representational art with the use of different mediums and techniques including pastel, chalk, acrylic, oil, and pencil on various heavy surfaces.

Current and past exhibits:
Two exhibits themed "Light", and "Beauty" with the Meridian Street Gallery, Indianapolis IN, (2015).

Past exhibits with the HCAA:
"The Naked Truth" at the Birdie Gallery. Exhibition piece "Iris" (2016).

"The Pursuit of Excellence" exhibit at the Birdie Gallery. (2016). Exhibition pieces "Ortus Veneris" and "Autumn Flight". Awarded first prize for the work "Autumn Flight" .

Exhibited two pastels at the Cool Creek Nature Center in Carmel, IN , winning honorable mention for the landscape titled "Solo" (2017).

Exhibited with Nickel Plate Arts at the First Presbyterian Church, Noblesville under the theme "Christ In The Arts" with the pieces "Holy Family" and "Risen", both pastel/chalk renderings (2017).
Current mediums include pencil, wash, acrylic and oil.