ReNee's Artantics

ReNee's Artantics

Hello my name is Renee and I live in a small town in Iowa with my husband Rob and three dogs, two are rescues. I have always enjoyed art, no matter what it was. Drawing, painting, paper mache', sculpture, photography, jewelry making, interior design, or whatever I found interesting and curious to do. I also love animals. My first rescue was Cinnamon. Her beautiful red color attracted me first and then her personality won me over. Then Tessa came along. She was more of a give-away. No longer wanted by her family I took her in. She is very protective yet very loving. Then Liberty came along. We don't know her story, but she's quite the character. She's ever full of energy and always makes us laugh. I try to capture the dogs doing things without posing them. I like natural behavior. It's often harder doing this as I don't always have a camera handy, but it's usually not too far off. Also I love doing a little effect on the photos so they look more like art.
Jewelry is another thing I love to do. It's so imaginative and expressive. I always try to do something a little different, and I like to use mixed styles and beads. Look for more jewelry to come.

Hope you enjoy!!!

Handmade Jewelry


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