Renèe Keel - Photo Artistry

Renèe Keel - Photo Artistry

Renée Keel is a free spirit residing in the American Midwest whose longtime passion for capturing images on camera progressed into the field of photo-artistry in 2019. All of her learning has been through online classes and simple trial and error. An avid photographer for years with numerous publications and professional credits, she made the decision to spend more time developing her images into various styles of photo art as a new form of self-expression. She also enjoys enhancing her creative side – not a very easy task as she is a very analytical thinker. Sometimes this linear tendency appears in her artwork, although she continually pushes to step away from her comfort zone and into a divergent realm.

As a breast cancer survivor, Renée takes pride in finding the positive takeaways in every situation, no matter how imminently dire it may appear. Her superpowers include being able to “Choose Happy” and an ability to bring a bit of order to chaos. In 2019 Renée published a memoir of her battle with breast cancer entitled “Anything But Pink: On Becoming A Cancer Survivor” which includes numerous examples of her photography.

The 2020 freefall into a worldwide pandemic pushed Renée Keel into the isolation necessary to take a deep dive into learning artistic photo manipulation and developing her artistic abilities. She identified a way to improve herself with the opportunity for personal growth in an unexpected pandemic bringing misery to so many.

She is continually pushing herself to learn new techniques and styles and is embarking on a journey into the world of editing across different platforms and devices. Her artwork may be created, stylized, and cultivated across both computer and tablet environments, with diverse combinations of tools and an intentional avoidance of a specific workflow. She works primarily in Photoshop on a laptop and occasionally incorporates some looks and treatments in the final stage of a piece using Topaz products. In the mobile environment other applications are used more predominantly, with iColorama and SuperimposeX leading the charge.

Recent accomplishments include 15 pieces of digital artwork published over the past year in the prestigious online and hardcover “Living The Photo Artistic Life” magazine, cover art for “Bass Musician Magazine,” and recognition in several other artistic challenges.

Working closely with her rock star husband Ron Keel, she has created artwork for commercially released album projects (“KEELED” by the Ron Keel Band, “Metal Cowboy,” “Alone At Last – Deluxe Edition” by Ron Keel, and the forthcoming “KeelWorld” which will feature many of Ron Keel’s musical projects) as well as shooting multiple music videos. Her love of music brought the couple together; “She took some photos of a band I was with,” Ron explains, “and I fell hard and fast for the girl behind the lens.”

Renée and Ron have been married for 13 years and are successfully co-parenting a 20-year-old Senegal parrot named “Toots.” Ron strongly and unerringly encourages her artistic pursuits and supports the promotion of her artwork every way possible. He is admittedly her biggest fan and takes away much inspiration from not only her art, but her indominable spirit, love of adventure, and her positive interpretation of life.

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