Rene Astle

Rene Astle

My name is Rene Kahu Astle. I'm 23-years-old, I'm Autistic and I like to welcome you to my beautiful gallery. It showcases my unique style of artistry in my own way. What you will see are works of art inspired by many of the great artists of the 20th Century including Ludwig Bemelmans, Herge, James Thurber, Shel Silverstein, Quentin Blake, Dr. Seuss and Al Hirschfeld. I'm also a published writer by trade. My first book to be published was a poetry book called "What's So Funny? And Other Poems". I have a second book ready to be published, a book about US presidents. I also have my own channel on Youtube, filled with fascinating videos. Enjoy these drawings with all your might. Who knows, you might be in for a surprise.


Original Characters


Full Colour Drawings

Broadway Plays and Musicals