Renata Maroti

Renata Maroti

I live in Hungary with my beautiful family.
My passion is painting and writing poems, song lyrics.
I do a unique type of painting, it is called SOUL PAINTING ART.
All of my artworks have a special meaning behind, each one is a personal message.
I would like to use art as a sort of remedy for body and soul. I would like to give strength, positive energies,
hope and relief in uncertain times and most of all give something very personal through my art.
I would like to preserve memories of the soul, deep moments of our inner world.
My goal is to touch the hearts so that art gains meaning: it is able to impress, to impact, to have an effect on human mind and soul...what it is meant for.
This is my mission.

I love to illustrate my poems with my own paintings.

You can find me here:

If you want a unique "Soul Painting" for yourself, for your love, for a friend, for your child, write me:

~ Renata Maroti ~