Jose Renan

Jose Renan

My interest as an artist started very early in my life. As a child I used to watch for hours how my uncle, who was also an artist, created his art and I discovered I had the talent to create.
I like to see my ideas come alive on a canvas as I picture the elements in a certain surrounding and then watch how they all fit in to bring out a certain emotion. I remember lots of places from my childhood that I combine with my interest in antique cars, landscapes and normal everyday life.

I have great interest in antique cars. My country is rich in the collection of old cars. It seems they have stopped at a certain era. I have tried to incorporate both, my love for cars and my love for those gone childhood places of my native Cuba. I love the feeling of the people interacting at a given corner on a lazy morning or afternoon. Although some of the paintings are just a mix of places I remember and not necessarily show a real location, they have still captured the essence of neighborhoods in my native country. This can leave it open to others viewing my art to relate perhaps to a certain memory of their life events.

My creative process has evolved over the years. I like to re-create the texture of the landscape as much as possible by mixing sand or gesso. I like to see my thoughts as realistic as possible.
My artwork is unique, because it is fed by my feelings, my memories, my moods, although I do not intend for my artwork to be politically driven, I do express my desire for a free country as I show the words “Cuba” “Libre” on the plate of “Old Blue” I do believe my works are vivid enough to encounter someone else’s memories.

I was dissatisfied with the design programs the school offered, so I started training myself and reading books of arts. I have gained fifteen years of experience in graphic design and creativity while employed at Stanley Michaels, All American Manufacturing, Co., Sherry Manufacturing Co., JR United Industries, Venus Group, etc.

I was the Art Director at Future Creations for two and a half (2½ ) years.

I have freelanced for several companies such as Forestieri Screen Printing, Sunshine Silk Screen, Maranatha Designs, Apparel and Design A La Mode, R.S. Apparel, Performance Graphics, Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Lines, Target Promotions, Impact Promotions.

My artwork also displayed for six months at Gannon’s Antiques and Fine Arts Gallery in Ft Myers, Florida. I have won the Blue Ribbon Art Award – Outstanding Achievement in the Development of Artistic Skills and while in High School won a scholarship to study at Ringling School of Art and Design.

Many of my artworks displayed on my website were sold as commissioned art.