As many photographers know, you have to "take a lot to get a few"! With this series of abstract photographs, Im often asked "what is this?" or "where is that?" Unfortuately, I cannot recall alot of them!! Many of these abstract images are created in my studio by manipulating a light source that is directed, refracted or reflected on/or through various objects such as metal, glass and assorted materials. Some are extreme closeups of paint "remnants" (ie: drips, spills, splashes etc) from my mixed-media work that was on my studio work tables/benches or floors. As a result, those images, with a some filtering/editing and printed on canvas can produce a reasonable facsimile of an abstract "painting"! Other images are created on exterior locations (ie: streets, walls, beaches etc) with photos of the 'obvious' but 'unnoticed'. They may be heavily pixilated, intentionally 'out of focus' or multiple exposures! Being abstract art, I feel they have the most impact when they are presented in a larger format (ie: 20”x 30” up to 40"x 60"), framed or unframed, on a museum quality canvas.
The canvases are specially developed for HP Latex printing technology and is HP certified. The prints use the latest HP Latex Inks with their surface-treatment technology to producing rich, vibrant, saturated colors. Every print is produced on high quality canvas fabric that is stretched taut over a wood frame with cutting-edge technologies to provide your print the most accurate reproduction with superb color reproduction and image sharpness.
I have always tried to create work that has a strong, emotional impact that draws a viewer in and evokes a response that can be initiated by one’s own personal perceptions.