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Hello there and welcome to my printshop. My name is r.e.hergert and I am a photographer, neoexpressionism painter, and printmaker. The first photograph, taken with my father’s Kodak brownie camera, was my first fully immersed experience with photography. Not only did I expose my first roll of film that day, but later I would watch as the smelly chemicals worked their magic in that darkroom tray producing a portrait of two of my classmates. That day would lead my ten-year-old self on a lifelong journey of observation of the world around me, looking and searching for that same magical feeling I felt that afternoon. The thread throughout this process which I would later discover was paper. Simply put, I love paper. Large or small, making prints are my “Love Jones” still to this day.

photo series vol.1

love birds


series 1.

series 2.