Regina Ishina

Regina Ishina

Regina Ishina was born on 27th September 1974 in Brest. Now she live in Russia, Siberia.
It’s not for nothing that childhood is considered almost the most important stage of human life. It is during this period that a person learns to understand himself, there is the emergence of her personality. It was drawing to be the passion of Regina’s childhood. Therefore, she began her studies at the age of 8 at an art school.
After graduating from art school, she continued her studies at the university as a teacher of painting and drawing. She began exhibiting at the same time with friends and students.
In the last 15 years she has presented her work in the many regions of Russia as well as in various galleries and cultural centres Europe. We may also find her paintings in private and corporate collections in many countries of world.

1983-1991 - Art Scool
1991-1996 - Pedagogical University of Tobolsk, specialty teacher of painting and drawing