Referral Program FAQ

How do I receive my earnings?
Your earnings are automatically sent to you via PayPal on the 15th of every month.

How do I set or modify my PayPal address?
You must first login, then this question will show a link to set or modify your PayPal address. If you do not have a login yet, take a few seconds to register on the main page.

I'm already registered on ArtPal; is there anything else I need to do to get the Referral Program to work?
If you're already registered on ArtPal and can login, nothing further is needed. When you're logged in, all you have to do is start sharing.

Is there a way to know who clicks the items I share, and what they buy or sell?
Yes. You have access to reports showing who clicked, where those people are located in the world, what they bought or sold, your earnings, and other fun facts.

Does the referral program apply to all art on ArtPal?
The referral program applies to the majority of art on ArtPal (i.e. all Print-on-Demand art). The referral program does not apply to original art or art the seller is selling/shipping, since ArtPal charges no fees or commission on those sales.

What if I refer someone who has already been referred?
You still earn 5% cash on art they purchase. When they add an item to their cart, the person that gets credit for that purchase is the last person that referred them (you). This ensures that if you were the one to motivate them to take action, then you earn the referral. The same when someone creates a gallery; whoever was the last person that referred them when they created their gallery, earns the referral.

What if I refer a buyer who purchases from a seller that someone else referred; who gets the 5% cash?
Since you and the person who referred the seller both played a part in the sale, then you each get an equal share of the earnings: 2.5% each.

As a seller, if someone refers a buyer who purchases my art, who pays the 5%?
ArtPal always pays the 5%. Referral bonuses never affect the seller's earnings.

Besides the Share buttons, can I refer people in other ways?
Yes. The Share buttons also contain a "link" icon that looks like this: Wherever you see that icon, clicking it will display your referral link for that specific page or art. You can then copy that link and use it anywhere you like. Use that link in an email to others. Use it on your own website as a text link or image link. Use it in Google AdWords or other marketing. Be creative. The uses are unlimited. Whoever clicks your link, will then count as your referral.

Do I need to be logged in for the Referral Program to work?
You must be logged in when you're using the Share buttons, since the Share buttons must be aware of who you are, so we can give you credit. So just make sure you're logged in when you're using the Share buttons. You do not have to be logged in any other time.