I simply record the colour and the 'feel' as accurately and as honestly as I can, from my point of view: getting down on canvas or paper how exactly the moment seemed to my senses, especially visually, has an urgency in it that sometimes excludes the need for an accurate line depiction. When faced with a bright blue light which is hitting the trees in the foreground, turning the leaves pink and transforming known objects into brightly lit 'spots' of light, unrecognizable, how wondrous nature is. I do like to follow an accurate underdrawing... but sometimes... usually actually.... nature and light move and change shape.. so this method can prove redundant, unless I'm painting a still life, indoors, still and unchanging.

Various exhibitions, commissions, awards and sales over the last 3 decades have endured I'm dedicated to my work.

Please enjoy my work, it is colourful and a bit like eye candy.

new watercolour/acrylic collection,