Raymond Doward

Raymond Doward


About Raym's Art
Raymond Doward is an Innovative self-taught artist, deeply inspired by the countless Beauties this planet has to offer each and everyone of us. To him, art is more than a mere vocation or passion, it’s a catalyst for inner transformation and a Divine healer. Throughout the span of three decades, he has been meticulously honing his craft, and he started painting professionally 16 years ago.
Today, Raymond is a nationally and internationally acclaimed artist with his one-of-a-kind artwork featured in the homes and Company’s of avid collectors across the globe. During his creative career he has cultivated a striking painting style that harmoniously showcases an array of whimsical abstractions entwined with vivid realistic renderings.
Furthermore Raymond Dowards' masterpieces have been published both in- print and on other mediums. In May 2013, two of his paintings were featured in the International and Contemporary Artist publication, which was sold countrywide through prominent book outlets like Barnes & Noble and Amazon. In September 2017, “Abstract # 25 was accepted for licensing by NBC Universal Studios. It is also a backdrop for the Megyn Kelly Today Show.

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