Raymond Guest Metal Art at Recycled Salvage Design

Raymond Guest Metal Art at Recycled Salvage Design


Upcycled metal art specializing in garden art, yard art, sculpture, wall art, signs and all types home and lawn decor created from recycled salvage, old tools, found objects, salvaged junk materials one of my favorite items to use is roller chain. 100% percent repurposed material and reclaimed wood used in all my creations.

handmade and custom made welded wood metal furniture in styles industrial, farmhouse, rustic, cottage, and steampunk. Welded favorites are garden art, metal flower art, dragonfly wall art, and stakes, butterfly wall hangers or stakes, truck bench, garden bench, outdoor garden furniture, car part furniture, as well custom orders.

A picker of vintage 20 years 4 years ago decided to teach self to weld, using old metal junk had laying around from my years of picking. people started calling me an artist. Most art tells a story about my life

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Raymond Guest Metal Art at Recycled Salvage Design

Custom work is offered or if you have any questions feel free to contact me, if I don't answer please leave a message cell 903.452.8761

email raymondguest@outlook.com

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