Ray Jose Art

Ray Jose Art


Throughout my years of private art schooling as an adolescent I somehow gave it up and opted for a 9 to 5 career in Technology. Then giving that up to open a realestate venture then the housing fall not long ago led to somehow finding myself penniless and broken. Searching for my joy I somehow Eventually was led by my heart and hands to art again, my appreciation for creation and realizing that I’m a true artist at heart. I live to create as I paint what I feel, it comes out of my hand effortlessly. As a suggestion of a family member recently I decided to pick it up again some 25 years later and even created a small home studio space which I am in daily now. After much interest in my art and many many compliments and a few commissions I decided to sell my creations.
My art begins with emotion as my creativity cannot exist without it. I love to create as it is the penicle of the highest expression, good thing about art is you never know who will one day be great like myself, know that who your passing over could be the next great one 20 years from now especially if they are relentless for the world to appreciate their art from the heart. Thanks for looking you can find me on social media platforms under rayjosetheartist or Rayjoseart.


Peace Frabicated