The Ravishankar Roy

The Ravishankar Roy

I'm a Visual Artist Studied in Kala Bhavan, Vishva Bharati University, Shantiniketan.
Specialized In Painting, Print Making, Installations, Digital Art & Drawings, etc.
My most Favorite Medium is Oil on Canvas.
I do not like to focus on one style as my creativity knows no boundaries.

'An artist should never be a prisoner to himself, prisoner of style, prisoner of reputation or a prisoner of success.'

As a visual artist I use colour & forms that I think will impact with the retina of the viewer at first glance.
I'm looking at the world of feelings, female identity, childhood issues. My work celebrates colour & curves and works on different levels, from sardonic humour & gentle critique to benign objects of visual pleasure and exuberance.
I usually don't plan things in advance. I just let it happen-sometimes waiting, sometimes wandering around until the right moment arrives. when I feel the energy, accumulated from that precise time and place, in my body. Then I immediately start a performance.
Or sometimes use my own constructed image as a vehicle for questioning ideas about the role of tradition, the nature of family, monogamy, polygamy, relationships between men and women, between women and their children, & between women & other women, underscoring the critical problems & the possible resolves. In one way or another, my work endlessly explodes the the limits of tradition.
my works invite contact and extended viewing. I employ texture and light to communicate to the viewer, not only through the eye but by touch as well.

I hope these paintings,drawings & art works reach out to you as they do me & should touch a positive chord inside you. my aim is to inspire emotion within the viewer, to allow him to feel a powerful connection. I do feel my pieces may be distorted, abstract, realistic, textural, expressionistic, impressionistic or traditional but my art depicts beauty and spiritual expressions and we as mere souls cannot ignore to notice the inside beauty.

the Ravishankar Roy (Me series)