DEVIOUS DECORUM: The Art of Ras Steyn

DEVIOUS DECORUM: The Art of Ras Steyn

Ras Steyn holds a Master's Degree in Art & Technology and applies himself to divergent research issues related to the de-centered nature of the human body-identity. The result is often abstract, protean in shape, and carnal in theme. As an Art Researcher & Academic Specialist in 'Nu-Surrealism' & Anomalous Contemporary Arts & Culture, it comes as no surprise that he directs his focus on Sublime Corporeal Errors, the Visionary elements in Surrealism, Post-Surrealism, Dream Symbolism and Disordered Outsider Art.

Ras Steyn is an avid Collector of Antiquarian Books and First Editions [1st Printiing].
His art ranges from collages, concrete and tactile objects, sketches, paintings. skyscape photography as well as an array of Digital Fine Art Prints.
Fiction Writer: Surrealist Dark Fantasy [Mostly Poetry & Dark Tales based on music.]

Other topics of interest:

• Cultural Issues: Aesthetics, Metaphysics, Virtual Innovation, Identity.
• History: Classical up to and including Postmodernist Issues*

• Entertainment: Dark Fantasy, Corporeal Horror, Science Fiction Books & Films.

• Visual Communication: Identifying links between art, science, religion and
technological evolution.

• Criticism and Analysis: The protean nature of Cyber/techno-Surrealism, The
Other, Bodily Un-Ethics, Biotechnological Design.

Other preoccupations:

*The writing of history-specific policies, procedures, syllabi, learning outcomes, specific objectives; as well as the streamlining and reconfiguring of theory assessment criteria.

• Guidance regarding the assembling of portfolios for
tertiary admission.
• Music review writing.
• Dissertation co-supervisor: Editing, citation and format*
• Basic principles of academic research*
• Post-project: Flesh Physix (An anthology of surrealist fiction).
• Composing electronic ambient music for short stories and poems.
• Digital Fine Art: Multiple Subject matters (Classical to Contemporary
Expressive or Reductive Abstraction).
• Macro and Abstract Photography
• Communication and Teaching/ cognitive Skills Development.


Industrial Landscapes

Seascape Photography


Photography Abstract Surrealism

Surreal Skyscapes