Rasheed Amodu

Rasheed Amodu


I was born in 1966 at Surulere, Lagos. My parents are from Oyo State, Nigeria. I did my primary and secondary schooling in Lagos before getting a Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) in Fine Arts, specializing in painting, from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile- Ife, in 1991. I also have a Master of Arts degree (M.A.), specializing in art history- African Studies, in 2001 at University of Ibadan, lbadan, and a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) in African Art Studies from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile- lfe, in 2015. I am presently a Ph.D Postgraduate student at my alma mater: OAU, Ile- Ife. From 1980 to 1984, I was the Best Fine Arts student throughout my Secondary school years at Igbobi High School, Yaba, Lagos. I was also given a Distinguished Stewardship Award by the Society of Nigerian Artists, Lagos State Chapter in 2015. While in Secondary school, I was also training as an artist in the studio and company of late David Essiet. Thus, I was a 1981 to 1985 trained Artists before moving on to the university. I have being practicing as an artist since 1985 before going for further studies as well as being involved in other art related engagements till date.

I have staged five solo exhibitions and one two-man. I have also participated in many group and joint exhibitions. I have contributed essays to some books, journals and exhibition catalogues. I have also written articles on art published in newspapers. I have been documented in several publications. My works of art have been collected in Nigeria and other countries such as USA, England, and Netherland to mention a few. I have executed many commissions in painting, sculpture, graphics, art management and other creative fronts. My creative inspiration comes from diverse sources such as life and death, joy and sadness, simplicity and complexity, natural and mysterious essence of life as well as Godliness.
I have worked as a draughtsmanship trainee, graphic artist, art teacher, art and culture manager, and curator between 1984 and 2010. I am a member of the Society of Nigerian Artists (SNA), and Best of lfe group of Artists. My hobbies are reading, writing, watching sports, films, music, nature watch and other forms of art. Whether as Rasheed Amodu or Rasheed Amodu Arts, you can also find me online on Facebook: Rasheed Amodu:f.b.me/rasheedamoduarts, Saatchi Art: saatchiart.com/rasheedamodu, Instagram: @rasheedamoduarts, Pinterest: Rasheed Amodu, LinkedIn: Rasheed Amodu, Twitter: Rasheed Amodu@RasheedAmoduArt, and ArtPal: artpal.com/rasheedamodu. I am a versatile artist, art teacher and writer, poet, art historian/ critic and consultant based in Lagos State, Nigeria.

I started as an artist in 1985, before adding a Fine arts degree in 1991. One of my major aims is to wed creativity and artistic rendering in my artwork leading to diverse range of themes in my oeuvre. My graphic art background in Realism and my degree aided abstractions with Onaism as well as impressionistic and expressionistic tendencies are often reflected in my artwork, which include my drawings, paintings, mixed media, and assemblages. I draw with pencil, charcoal, pen/ink, and gouache on paper or embossed cards. My oil or acrylic paintings are usually on canvas. I do mixed media on paper, embossed card, and canvas. My assemblages are works produced with commonplace objects or personal items arranged and fixed on hardboard before being painted with oil or acrylic for aesthetic finesse. Some of the objects employed in my assemblages are beads, fabrics, boiling ring, combs, watches, straps, chains, cards, belts, spoons, forks, pens, ropes, lighters, shaving sticks, plugs, and bottle covers.
The sources of the images I used in my artwork are from my society, literature on African art and foreign cultures as well as personal synthesis. I employed my artwork to visually document the past and the present, thereby creating a link between the historical, modern and contemporary times.

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