Ransumed Fine Art

Ransumed Fine Art


I am a self taught artist working in oils, graphite, charcoal, and colored pencil. As a child growing up I "wasted" lots of paper drawing people, cars, animals and whatever. As an adult I started oil painting and then worked as a graphic artist in the screen print industry from 1992 until I quit driving in 2009 due to glaucoma, along with other health issues. Around 2015 I decided to try painting again. Although I have vision problems I am blessed with good days and better days, so on my better days other than Sundays I work on my art. I have been married to a very special lady since 1986 who recently started painting, some of her work is on this site. We live in northeast Alabama and enjoy church, the outdoors, our family which includes four grandchildren and of course art.

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