Ransomed Wild Child


I'm Holli, and I sort of consider myself a bit of a Gypsy soul. I love all things visual, and have spent the last fifteen years as a photographer, capturing images and freezing moments in time. However, all of my life, i've been an artist. From painting, to photography, floral design, to word art, I simply love being able to express myself through the outlet of creating art. For me, creating art is a way to take what is inside of my soul, and put it outside so that others can experience it as well. Painting is the way I primarily do this. I use my experiences to create art that I hope elicits emotional reactions and a sense of awe.

When I photograph people or places, I am looking for a way to bring the viewer into the moment. I don't just "compose." I like to think about how people will react when they see images. I shoot everything from birth to death and just about all subjects in between. I LOVE boudoir. There is nothing quite as amazing and beautiful as the human body, and the soul behind it. I love to shoot spiritual encounters as well, and to tell the story of what the spirit of a person is experiencing in that moment.

I love to travel, and will spend my "art income" on a travel van to do more of just that.

In my free time, I am the director of an organization that serves people in need, and our primary demographic happens to be human trafficking refugees. I use the word refugee, b/c when they come to us, they are indeed seeking refuge. Over the course of a couple of years, they become survivors and thrivers. We do the work we do on donations alone, and with a budget of about $50K annually for 23 participants. They are housed, fed, provided with education and counseling, and given safe shelter for as long as they need it. Most stay about two years. In addition to trafficking refugees, we also serve those escaping domestic violence, formerly homeless, and cult survivors.


Spontaneous Art