Random Doodle Art

Random Doodle Art


About Me.
I've never been good at "About Me."
If you must know, however, I'm an artistic soul living in SW Missouri, and when I'm not doing the necessary and mundane, I'm usually found singing and dancing and making things.

Now. The real reason you're here.

About My Art.

I've always doodled. My homework always had little drawings in the corners of the pages. Anytime I was on the phone, I always had a bit of paper and something to write with nearby. When I returned to college at age 33, it became a way to kill an hour between classes, and then as a way to help me keep focus in classes where my mind would tend to wander.

Most folks see them as random scribblings. Some see images in them, some enjoy the organic, flowing nature of them. I never know what the picture will look like when I first touch my pencil to the page, and knowing when something is finished is rare. I hope you will enjoy these, and if you like one in particular, I'd love to help you make it yours.

Please check back often, as I have more to upload!