Randall Messina

Randall Messina


Retired police officer Randall Messina born in St. Louis Missouri in 1956. After retiring in 2008, he continued to do the things he loves such as his music, artwork, cooking and photography, Messina has always had a passion and an eye for photography. Married to his wife Melissa who is a veteran art teacher, he also loves to create original artwork concentrating in many mediums such as oil painting, pencil drawings, clay sculpturing, and pastels. His subject matter includes all phases of photography, and he looks for warmth and 'reality' in his pictures. No special effects are used other than color enhancement. Nothing is put into his pictures by using todays modern software such as photoshop. Messina is also an accomplished Chef, attending Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and graduating in 2011.

Messina concentrates on subject matter that creates warmth and serenity and is 'true' or 'real' photography. His favorites includes taking pictures of wild animals, pets, seascapes, landscapes, and window boxes with beautiful flower arrangements.

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