The new project by artist Luis Ramirez is made up of 52 acrylic works, where he focuses on the stories contained within famous tangos, their characters, their artists, and their culture.
In the first 13 works, famous people from the world of tango are present, magic appears like the engine of his art, the world with its mythical settings have been the inspiration for these new 13 works, the stories of its protagonists are hidden in his works, his travels around the world as a Master, choreographer, and Argentine professional tango dancer have offered a new look at the unification of cultures thanks to tango, welcome to the beginning of an exciting journey through tango and painting.

This new series has started with Reyes Guerreros and El Rey Rene the second one inspired by his magic teacher Rene Lavand, the work was exhibited virtually in Tandil, the illusionist's hometown, in the interview with the daily newspaper, the note with the title "international artist paints the symbol of magic Rene Lavand "

Luis Ramirez
From an early age, his passion for drawing was a determining factor in his career, since he was a child his drawings were a sample of innate talent.
He has won drawing competitions when he was a teenager, he has created comics like "Humanimal" in 1991, "Tigers and Shadows" in 1993 then he started to develop a painting technique with fine markers, studying the different shading techniques with different elements and strokes, then he started painting In oil with the teacher Rene Heisecke, his themes were always nature, forests, and animals.
He never stopped his drawings and paintings he has to adapt to the new technologies, he became a graphic designer, ending his career as a director and producer of television content in Buenos Aires.
Choreographer, teacher, and professional dancer of Argentine tango, Guitarist, illusionist, director, producer, choreographer, designer, and creator Luis Ramirez brings us a new vision about the exciting world of Tango.