Ralphs Colours

Ralphs Colours


Young South African Artist from a town called Paarl in Cape Town South Africa. Inspirations are varied and water color is my medium of choice. I don't shy away from bright colors and favor Japanese pigment made by Kuretake.
If I had to describe my "style", then I would call it fan pop water colors; inspired by the amazing creative genius of Walt Disney; and specifically the Fantasia Movies to mention just one. This magic, entwined with a modern pop feel; a viewer of such a piece would be encouraged to expand small gems of the imagination for the ultimate creative discovery....when your eyes are on the canvas, first see a picture, then a theme and in doing, so you may discover the story even I didn't stumble across at first.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed creating them.

warm South African greetings,

Ralphs Colours..

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