Raja Rambabu Gallery

Raja Rambabu Gallery


A descriptive and detailed overview of my art experience .

Art is a passion from my childhood. When I came to know that my passion can be chosen as a profession, I discontinued the post graduation program and joined BFA, specializing in painting.T hen I finished my M.F.A degree from Mysore University .Mysore with painting specialization. The focus of my work was completely figurative and the paintings were strongly influenced by the rural lifestyle and its proximity to nature .The impact of Simplification was so deep that I created an entire portfolio, titled My Childhood Memories.
I joined as an Art Teacher after my BFA graduation .Being the breadwinner of my family, my focus was completely on earning a lively hood. Thus I became too busy in taking home tuitions in art after the school hours ,when I am travelling during the day in the busy streets , i have observed the rushing people, busy traffic, concrete jungle with heavy hoardings everywhere around me. all these accumulated thoughts in my mind helped me to form a different view about my surroundings. and i painted my feeling perfectly . This experience made me to study my unconscious . My journey towards learning and creative thinking led me to abstraction which added a special flavour to my body of work with an unaltered, free flow of color. the transparency and texture gave my work a special feeling. My work largely draws from the subconscious and gives importance to the various moods of nature.