My Profile

My automotive designs & artwork is a passion, and talent from a young age.

I am self taught, and have Qualifications in Computer Graphics, Fine Art & Graphic Design. My illustrations are a reflection of my abilities and passion for this field.

l strive for attention to detail, where possible, with all my work.

I work with hand illustrations as well as Computer Graphics Software,as the desired mediums. I am flexible in both.

My automotive art is designed to appeal to People who have an appreciation of automotive art & design.

I have show cased just some work from my portfolio, of illustrations & designs, for viewing, for print on demand items as well as to be sold as originals and prints.

I am able to do commission work for any type of automobiles (Cars, Vans, Trucks, Busses, etc.) & Graphic Design & Layouts for Full Colour Print.

My Commissions for Automobile Art start from $380.00 (dependent on brief or work required) a 30% Deposit is required. I guarantee completion of commissions within 21 days !.

I am able to create or reproduce according to your requirements, Consultation, Conception to Completion, for Concept Or Current Models,using Hand Drawn methods with Colour Pens & also Computer Graphics Software, as well as for Corporate Identity.