Born in Ukraine
 After becoming acquainted with calligrapher Ryuseki Morimoto began to study Japanese calligraphy.
  Participated in the organization of the "Modern Japanese calligraphy" exhibition in Kiev.
 After moving to Japan, began to study the art of calligraphy deeply.
Organized a solo exhibition of Ryuseki Morimoto calligrapher in Kiev "Da Vinci" gallery .
Took part in the charity exhibition of the art magazine "Gallery" and setted 3 venetian mask designs was selected among the 33 best artists of Ukraine.
Began teaching calligraphy in Kiev Japan culture center. Have trained 500 students durind 3 years.
 Became the winner of the professional exhibition of calligraphy "Mainichi" in Japan.
 Became the winner of the professional exhibition of calligraphy "Mainichi" in Japan.
Created a poster design for the charity ballet in Kyiv which supported Japan earthquake victims on Tohoku.
 Designed a poster for the World Championship on Rhythmic Gymnastics which took place in Kiev.
Producing Ryuseki Morimoto pavilion for Japan Mania in Kiev.
 Founded RAIRYU Project.
Held Neo-Calligraphy Art show at Japan Mania in Kiev.
Solo exhibition at Art Gallery [Minus 4] in Kiev.
Held Neo-Calligraphy Art show for 45 years relationship between Kyiv - Kyoto at Kyiv history museum.
   Solo exhibition at [Gretera] Art center in Kiev.

RAIRYU Project
This is not just an art, this is a certain movement, a lifestyle, which reproduces a rich spiritual world allowing a glimpse into the fundamental principles of reality and knowledge of the person-world relationship.

While studying classic calligraphy, a new idea has started up. An idea to create work without borders between hieroglyph as a symbol and its pictorial semantics. This can help viewer to perceive the work without understanding the symbol meaning. In fact it will connect art of East and West.

Finally, the new style called “Neo-calligraphy” was created.

Viewer literally should guess the real significance of work. At the same time author arranges visual contact with viewer and demonstrates some world which puts him off from the reality and lead to contemplation, mental truth and alternative idea.

“Prism” which master puts into every work let to teleport viewer from the material world into a spiritual one.
Brush stroke, lines, multiple repeating of image, adumbration, contrast, unexpected object orientation, bizarre colouring, restructuring of themes – all this make the work one of a kind.

Neo-Calligraphy ©
This is an art of composing Japanese hieroglyphs-symbols in evocative, balanced and neat way what gives them an appearance which can help viewer to perceive them visually without knowing a meaning.

Neo-calligraphy is an absolutely new kind of art which was created basing on classic Japanese and Chinese calligraphy including elements of pictorial art, pop-art, street-art, graphics and graffiti. Meanwhile the centuries-old canons are maintained.

Neo-calligraphy requires the great concentration and spontaneity of performing from author. Borderless imagination and sense of humor are also inalienable.

For creating a work, first of all a hieroglyph with inherent part of extra semantics should be found.
All works were created through the world cognition and involve spiritual message of master.

Every selected hieroglyph changes its appearance without contravening the fine line, which cannot be violated and keeping visualisation of original semantics, which particular symbol contains.


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