Rafal Kulik

Rafal Kulik


Born in 1978 in Lubliniec. Studies in Poznan, graphics department, multimedia.
He received a diploma with honors.
Graphic artist - draftsman, painter, digital designer, photographer.
Its leading subject is images bordering on fantasy and hard science-fiction. He draws his inspiration mainly, but not always, from the series of adaptations of "Alien".
He also creates surrealist paintings and modern collages.
Parallel to his digital work, he deals with photomanipulation.
He sells his works mainly in Europe and the USA. Currently, he cooperates with several online galleries in Poland and Europe.

The author's philosophy is based on the rejection of fairy-tale, commercial creation of works.

The basic determinant is the interest in the shape, atmosphere and style of the first science fiction films, where there was no artificial splendor of colors and extravagance of models, and the main goal was to build tension.

In those productions that are close to the creator, you can see the bluntness of the style, and what the author wants to emphasize is perhaps the poverty of gimmickness, but the atmospheric experiences falling into the psyche.