Rafael Salazar

Rafael Salazar


Born in Cali, Colombia.
Barranquilla introduced him to the world of arts amongst some of the most renowned Colombian artists from el 'Grupo Barranquilla' during the La Cueva era.

He owned an Art Gallery in Sunny Isles Boulevard, where he taught young artists recently graduated from Gainesville University:
"The Art of finding the Inner Artist within you".
An introspection of the artist's own mental and emotional processes when defining which type of Art most sincerely reflects his or her artistic personality.​

~ Rafael defies the assumption of his medium employing techniques to push his images toward abstraction.~

Nowadays, he is dedicated to painting producing a vast array of creations where his imagination has no boundaries.

He has always been ahead of the times...
His new collection of paintings bring an incredible display of colors, strength and imagination characteristic of all his creations.
His abstract style shows a journey thru his roots, art learnt from el 'Grupo Barranquila at 'La Cueva', his colors and the maturity of 50 years experience.

'My art activates the imagination into infinite levels... only the observer possesses its message'.

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Abstract Flowers

Abstract Landscapes