Art by Rae Chichilnitsky

Art by Rae Chichilnitsky

Rae is a self-represnting american artist. She was born in Kishinev (Moldova) during the Soviet era. Got her (MA) degree at the Kishinev Institute of Art. Worked as a freelance book illustrator.

Rae moved to the United States in 1976 and settled in New York, where she spent close to thirty years. During this period, she had a successful corporate career, took place in several art exhibits and freelanced as illustrator for bi-weekly publication. In 2006, Rae rellocated to Pennsylvania and now resides with her family in Bucks Co., focusing on her art full-time.

Today Rae’s artwork resides in private collections nationwide and abroad, and images she’s created are being used by numerous online magazines, blogs, websites, and various religious and cultural organizations worldwide. Rae is a member of the Society of Children Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), a contributing artist to the Several of her art images have won awards in juried online competions.

Rae is a multi-fauceted artist. Her work encompasses different genres, media, styles and covers a wide range of subjects -- from deeply philosophical to humorous, from symbolic to simple decorative. Some of her artwork was created with children in mind, while other is more adult-oriented. Rae is equally comfortable with monochrome and color and fluent in sketching, illustration, painting and crafts. Her own imagination as a primary source and while one might find some eclectic influences in her art, it is truly unique.

Here’s what Rae says about her work:

“Art has always been my passion, but only recently, I’ve decided to return to it professionally. I see beauty and magic in everything and from time to time have a need to wander into an uncharted territory and try something new. All my creations come from my imagination. I enjoy working with various subjects, media and styles: old and modern, eastern and western, deep and mundane, realistic and abstract, as they all blend naturally into expression of richness of life and human condition.

I mostly work in acrylics, markers, pencils, watercolor and mixed media. Lately, I’ve been gravitating toward more decorative style with bright colors and bold images, as it radiates positive energy and brings me joy. As part of this process, I’ve developed my technique -- I call it “Stained Glass on Canvas” -- which combines acrylic brush-and-sponge painting on stretched canvas, with multiple layers of glazes and relief outlines, creating luminous, light-infused imagery and fusing the craft of vitrage with fine art of traditional painting...”

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