Radhi Artwork

Radhi Artwork


Radhika is a medical undergraduate born and raised in the beautiful paradise of a nation in the Indian Ocean called, Sri Lanka. She has shown immense interest in arts even before the age of 10 years and had dedicated most of her leisure time off school and college education in experimenting and mastering different media, techniques and styles of paintings. Having travelled and studied in many schools in different countries during her childhood days, she has had many tutors that laid her primary education of art. Radhika, upto this day has built up immense knowledge and skills in art and has never failed to amaze her customers through her originality and uniqueness.

Paintings are kept simple yet beautiful for anyone to observe, understand and admire the meaning behind the piece of art. She has produced paintings of abstract, still life, landscape, portraits etc. and still continues to strike for something new every time. There is no restriction in paint media but oil paint is usually preferred.

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