I love the outdoors and painting wildlife. My wildlife paintings are quite detailed, when I paint on masonite board. Also, I like to take a break from highly detailed work and paint more loosely with watercolors, markers, colored pencils. With this medium I like to paint a more whimsical and fun style giving the subject matter some character. I like to keep the inner child alive that stills lives deep within each and every one of us. My art is highly collectable. I have art hanging in private collections all over the world. My art also appears on many other products such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, calendars. In my free time I am either running trails weaving through the woods paralleing the Missourri river bottoms or filming or photographing many of the animals that live in our area. I like to paint on different substraits such as Turkey feathers, real Cottonwood leaves, and used tea bags. If you would like to see more of my art and thought process visit my sketchbook page at www.wheresracecat.com I hope you enjoy my art.

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