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Raad Media


Hey y’all. Originally from Brazil, I spent over 7 years building my career in Los Angeles and NYC.
I’m extremely creative, driven, hard-working, reliable, and—I’ll admit it—a hoot to work with.

In 2015 I founded my own creative photo studio - RAAD PHOTO STUDIO. There I developed visual language for brands to be distributed in E-commerce and Amazon business. For more info, visit www.raadphotostudio.com

Over the years, I have delivered work for national, international and global brands and artists such as: 2020 Hiieffect, Jon z, SandOner, Zooshine, Chelsea Market, SIC, Vibe2O, etc…

The wide range of diverse backgrounds enables me to think and approach every project from a range of perspectives, to create original, beautiful and inspiring work.

In 2019 I founded RAAD MEDIA, where I manage social media platforms and create awesome content for brands all over USA.

Have questions or want to chat? Don’t be shy!

Portfolio: raad.media

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