Radosveta Zhelyazkova

Radosveta Zhelyazkova


Hi! Welcome to my wonderland! My name is Radosveta and I am an international artist.

I have been passionate about art since a very young age.
I use the language of art to express myself: my thoughts and ideas, my feelings and vision of the world. I represent figures, buildings, nature and everything else that life offers on canvas using my immagination and attitude to life.
I believe that an artist, no matter a painter, actor, photographer, writer..., has a very special role: to show the "invisible", to draw attention to things that stay innoticed on a daily basis.
I was born and received my artistic education in Bulgaria.
Have participated in numerous national and international exhibitions and art shows.
Here are some of them: Online group exhibition at Light Space and Time gallery, Jupiter, Florida, Group exhibition - World Wide Art Show at Caelumgallery, Chelsea, Manhattan; Miami Art Weeks 2016 USA; International Art Show 2016 at Flyer Art Gallery, Rome, Italy; Group exhibition at Orlando public library during “The Genius of Women” 2016 art competition from the category “International artists”, organized by Women in Arts Inc., Orlando Florida, USA; Exhibition at the Bulgarian National Radio; Exhibition at the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria “Music in colours", 2011 and many others.

Here you will find paintings that are characterized by bright and lively colors and by charming characters that create a unique atmosphere.

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