Hi, I'm Quilla. I live in the U.K with my two sons. Other than my day job working in retail, I find myself with more time now that my son's have grown up to focus on my art. My interest in art began as a child, and together with a love of dogs it made perfect sense at the age of 18 to do pet portraits. Over the years I've created artwork in various mediums, and would love to share my latest creations with you. My work is usually kept simple with only one or two subjects. The modern trend of imperfect almost sketched style pictures, I'm really enjoying at the moment. I have a variation of artworks available from few cute little still life oil paintings, crumpled paper animal portraits, imaginary mixed media work, to a very real mixed media war based piece of artwork. My latest watercolour and pencil, fur and feather collection is now available. I do hope you enjoy them. Thank you for looking.

Fur and Feather

Mixed Media



Wooden Birds and Animals

Pen Portraits