Hello everybody!. I'm Purnie (37), an independent artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I do experimental artistic photography portraying most of the time concepts that could be related to my own experience or subjects that matter to me like the lost of the identity, frustration, loneliness, almost any idea I could relate to and using it to express an image. I get most of my inspiration from sadness and isolation I believe, a way to take the darkness to the surface and release it.

I've been working on my projects since 2008 using compact cameras and since 2012 using a DSLR.

Most of the time I'm using my intuition and creativity to get certain results but also planning as much as I can. I have done some pictures during these years, not as much as I've wanted because I went through some pretty dark phases and also because I didn't want to repeat myself too much while I was doing all this without a budget.

I'll be exhibing on this gallery and other social media new photographic content, specially a series of selfportraits interpreting scenes and concepts on different places.

I also do music, so if you are curious about what I'm doing you can listen to me on Spotify and other platforms as well.

Thanks so much for supporting my creative journey. Best regards!

If you have any doubt or just want to contact me do not hesitate about sending me an e-mail with your request or question at purnieofficial@gmail.com

All the photography presented in the gallery is available as limited edition prints. This site takes care of the printing and delivery as well. Your purchase it's completely safe.

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Best Regards.


The Cult (2018)

Conceptual art and more (2008-2015)

Into The Wild (2012)

My own world, my own character

Black and White