Puja Bhakoo

Puja Bhakoo


Puja Bhakoo was born in 1962 in Saharanpur, India. A senior creative and advertising professional, Puja experimented with several creative mediums before she found her forte.

In the 1990’s, she reinvented the art of Petit Point art by lending this European art form a unique indo-ethnic dimension.

Drawing inspiration from the rich and myriad cultures of India, Puja creates handmade tapestries that combine the aesthetics entrenched in Indian traditions with the intricacies of Petit Point/needlepoint embroidery.

Using free hand, the artist sketches, paints, and then embroiders human figures on canvas with multicolored strands of wool, without using any stencil or graph.
Each work is her original creation though she often takes her subjects from her own (or pre-published) photographs and artworks.