My name is Vera Thissen.Born at 7/28/1985 in Central Asia.I grew up in a farm.At the age of 6 I had my first death experience and spend four months in coma,after being clinically dead.It was my rebirth and the beginning of isolation and loneliness as well. Followed by a second coma and clinical death.Half of my childhood and teenage I've spent in hospitals. My familie moved first to Russia in 1996 and then ,in 2001,to Germany.After an incident that I don't want to mention,followed 13 years without any creation coming from my hands,where before it was a essential thing.It took me a long time to recover, years of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, self-harm and suicidal thoughts. But time teaches us to live with the pain.You stop to deny,you stop to suppress,start to embrace it.Long story short: In the last phase of recovery,where I've learned to feel again,the urge to express myself became unbearable. It's just that there's only one way I can do it.Through art!


On wine and anger

I was..I am...

The Cell