paul g rubin

paul g rubin

Paul G. Rubin, the artist, is proficient in all art media but, since 2000, has specialized exclusively in attractive Pastel media. Mr. Rubin is eighty-seven years old, in good health and extremely active in society.

Paul studied art, several years, during the 40s and 50s, as his secondary subject while earning a Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, Business and Advertising BA degree (graduating June 1952). 1957, he acquired a Masters Business Degree, from Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio, after 21 months of active Army Military service stationed at Camp Rucker, Alabama and substantively, Fort Benning, Georgia.

Mr. Rubin created and enjoyed a successful entrepreneur business career forming and operating three large national corporations, all headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. 1978, Mr. Rubin sold his business corporations, real estate and relocated to the USA Virgin Islands several years sailing and exploring all the major Caribbean Islands.

1980, he returned to the USA and located in Southeast Florida where he resides today. Mr. Rubin’s beautiful Pastel Art was and is still being created from his life’s experiences, at his home and home based studio, located in Delray Beach, Florida.

His Pastel art scenes have been purchased by many and are extremely popular among clients located all over the world. His beautiful landscapes and seascapes feature realistic, colorful and interesting Worldwide subjects.

His Pastel art is created in two sizes; small pictures 14” X 17” and large ones 24” X 18”. His small pictures can be matted and framed in 24” x 32” frames. His large pictures can be matted and framed in 40” X 52” frames.

Mr. Rubin suggests consulting and purchasing your frames from well known framing retailers, such as Michael’s. Or you can contact Mr. Rubin direct at and/or google Gmail at for his personal suggestions.

24"x 17" pastels

art pastels by paul g rubin